Vikings War of clans hack cheats and tips

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling as you push through villages, conquering them all and expanding your territory to kingdoms unlimited? Yes, that is when you feel like a true Viking in the exciting action packed game of Viking War of Clans. Of course, with vikings war of clans hack every activity does come with a specific cost. You cannot conquer villages without actually spending something out of your pocket.  And in this game, you will be losing out on your resources, which you have gathered over a long period of time with lots of effort. And with lesser resources, you will not be able to keep your village alive and going fine.

So what should you do?

The obvious answer is to keep gathering resources.  But that will take a lot of time with you on your gaming device foregoing other real life activities and commitments. Do you wonder if there is an easy way out? Well, you just have to switch to the Viking war of clans hack.

Vikings War of clans hack


What is the Viking War of clans hack all about?

It is a simple program (with a complicated algorithm in it) written to provide you with unlimited resources in the game so that you can advance faster than the rest of the clan. Be it iron or food or silver or gold or lumber, name your resources and the quantity and have it credited to your account immediately with as much as a simple click of a button. Just the fact that you get unlimited gold in your hands will make you move faster than usual and you will be looked upon with worry by your enemies in this formidable war game.

If you have been wondering on how your friends managed to stay ahead in the game and have access to never ending resources, then you may want to check out the Viking War of clans hack tool by yourself. Do not get left behind as your friends move up level after level with the help of the brilliant Viking war of clans cheats.

What does the game entail?

The game as you can guess from the name is set against a backdrop of the Vikings era. You are given the role of a Jarl, an equivalent to a leader of a village. And all you need to do is keep your village protected, keep it well stocked on all resources and conquer your neighboring villages, expanding your territory as you go. There are totally seven kingdoms on the take and there is no end to the amount of excitement or fun in this game. All through the game, the important thing that you need to survive and conquer is your resources. Keep them on the high and you will be rewarded accordingly.

How to build up your resources in the game?

There are farms and buildings to be built in order to have them get involved in the production of your food, iron, lumber and weapons. There are also mines that have to be mined for gold and silver. Of course, you also need to build an army fast so that you can keep your village protected from attackers from other villages. But all of this definitely takes a lot of time and if you are looking for a shortcut you may have to spend some real money for the resources from the in-game store.

Are you worried that you will end up spending too much time and effort to get an upper hand in the game? Well, you don’t have to if you are using the Viking War of clans hack.

What does this Viking war of clans pc hack offer you?

The Viking War of clans provides you with many unlimited benefits, few of which include,

  • Unlimited resource access to all type of resources.
  • Unlimited run of the online generator as many times in a day as you want.
  • Upgrading your status to VIP as you reach higher levels.
  • Chance to unlock significant features and interesting bonuses in each level.
  • A chance to advance 10 times or even 100 times faster than some of your counterparts.
How to use the Vikings War of clans hack tool?

While brilliant minds have been at work in designing this tool, it doesn’t take a technical expert or a programming superstar to handle it. All you need is basic computer knowledge to be able to use the tool. Just follow the instructions as given below and enjoy unlimited resources in this game of war.

  • Click the link provided in this page to access the online generator for Viking War of Clans hack.
  • Now enter the gaming name that you use for playing.
  • Select the platform, android or iOS or PC.
  • The option to choose the resources will be initially disabled. Connect is the button you need to tap for connecting to the server of the Vikings War of Clans hack.
  • Upon connection the option to choose the resources will be enabled for you to enter.
  • Now choose the number of gold and the number of XP (Experience points) that you want to be added to your account.
  • Click on the tab marked as “Generate” and then enjoy unlimited gold and XP in your account.


Are you wondering why there is only option for gold and not every other resource? Well, gold is a single source that can provide you unlimited access to multiple other resources in the game like the lumber, iron, food, etc. So order for unlimited gold through this online generator and enjoy unlimited resources in every sector.

You may want to restart the game after running the hack though for it will only take a few seconds to get the required gold credited to your account. In case you see that the gold or XP is not yet credited, you may want to wait for a few hours. This can happen when there is a heavy traffic on the server. However, if it still doesn’t get credited then get in touch with the support team of Vikings War of Clans hack tool and they will respond to you immediately.

Why is Vikings War of Clans cheats tool a good option?

Not only the Vikings War of Clans hack tool a way to gain unlimited access to unlimited resources, but there has been extreme care taken in building this tool to ensure that you enjoy it without any fear. The Vikings war of clans hack ensures,

  • Absolute confidentially of the information that you enter including your game name or your email id.
  • Best standard encryption to make sure that the game server doesn’t detect your account details saving you from a possible account ban.
  • Best in class Proxy protection to ensure that your id is not traced back to you and neither is your IP.
  • Completely tested and found to be 100% effective every time.
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms including PCs, and smart phones and tablets.
  • You run the online generator as many times you want and on any day or time you want.
  • No threats of downloading any form of malware or viruses as you don’t have to download any program or software guaranteed. The hack can be run through your browser on any device you want.
  • No need to look for other mods or apk to make the game easy for you anymore as the hack does the majority of the work for you in dominating the Vikings War of clans game.

The hack tool has been run through several sessions of rigorous testing to ensure that the end user, that is you, get the best of the hacks in the entire gaming community on hand. The hack is not just effective in getting the resources but it is also quite safe and secure ensuring that you have nothing to fear about.

More tips to play the game in your favor

Vikings War of Clans is not just an interesting game but it is also quite challenging. Apart from gold and other resources, there are also skills and influence which play a crucial part in helping you move forward and dominate over others.vikings war of clans pc

Vikings War of clans Tips

Hero skills:  The skills can further be classified into the ones that help you to protect your village, boost up your army and the ones that will help you to fight your enemies. They are called Hero skills for a reason for these skills can truly make you the hero of your village and eventually your kingdom. With the hero skills, you can improve the time taken to build, to learn and simply to produce resources.

These skills will also help you to deplete the invaders, those who attack you, of their armor and other sources of power, weakening them so that you can win the battle. These skills grow with each passing level and can quite a lot of time before you can actually enjoy it to the fullest. But with the Vikings war of clans cheats, you can easily jump to the state where you have the maximum skills in the game.

Influence: As you progress through the game, your power is calculated at each level and is reflected as your influence points. This will indicate how far you have grown in the game, which will include the growth of your village and the strength of your army. This will further improve as you stage strategic attacks on your enemies and win them.

The statistics tab on the game will indicate the level of your influence in terms of your knowledge, hero skills, quests, army, buildings, etc. This influence will go down if you get attacked by your enemies and you fail to defend it well. Keep all your resources on the up with the Vikings War of Clans hack and enjoy a good lift in the influence. Also remember to leave a part of your army in your village to defend on any attacks when you go out to conquer other villages.

Clans: This is another way to improve your placement in the game. This is where you join a clan and help others while they help you. And with each time you help others you will be improving the time taken for training or decreasing the time taken to build something. If you are part of a bigger clan, you will find that it really works out to your best as everyone helps you and you help everyone. Your buildings will finish much faster and your armies will be trained much faster too. Join a clan and enlist their help to evolve faster. Add on the Vikings War of Clans hack and enjoy a faster time in evolving.

Clan store: This store is only accessible by clan members and there are several items of interest to a player in this place. You can even relocate your village or change name depending on what you want with this clan store. These are not easy to get into unless you are using the Vikings War of Clans cheats.

Events: To get vikings war of clans promo codes. The game also comprises of many events where you can participate in with other people and win them to gain more for your kingdom. The wins will generally involve a boost in your defense, attack and production times and power.

Vikings War of Clans is a game meant for those who love some free hand to action and love those age old war games. It is a freemium game but it has quite a few items that requires either real cash payment or continuous effort to get your hands on them. Of course, you can always work hard to get them but it is going to take a lot of time. So choose the Vikings War of Clans hack tool and enjoy the top spot in the game for unlimited number of time. All you need is a sturdy internet connection and a game name to get your hands on the resources you covet.